Friday, June 21, 2013

Rocking your world Friday.

This is my second time visiting Celtic House, where we are encouraged each Friday to think if all the positive things that have made our world a happier place this week. Sorry if a few of these repeat other posts but, as this post probably reaches a different set of readers, they are still worth a mention here.

1. On Saturday Cantante singers had the opportunity to share in a wedding by entertaining the guests as they arrived, and by leading the community hymn singing. 

It was a hot but happy occasion which ended with the bride lifting up her hem and train to lead the guests out doing the conga!

2. The palm in our front garden continues to grow at high speed. (See last week's post). I love the way it is covered in curls.

3. The heady scent of stephanotis as it blooms again this June.

4.The smell of warm cookies coming from the oven and filling the kitchen, as I prepare to host our Life group the following day...

.....and a group of lovely friends to come and share them on a warm, sunny afternoon. No-one minded the overcrowded porch, as it is fly-free area, so the wasps couldn't come for their tasters.

5. The love and generosity of folk who continue to knit for my Africa project, even when the temperature is in the thirties! I sorted it out yesterday, and although it is only a few weeks since the last consignment was dispatched,  there is already a good collection of blankets, jumpers, hats etc.

6. A kind husband who offered to take me to our favourite beach-front cafe for lunch, so I wouldn't have to cook.

7. Two of my cats, Paco and Luna, who had a rare evening of mutual adoration last night! They tend to go their separate ways most of the time, but they can be so sweet together. Paco was grooming Luna until he licked too hard and she fell off the shelf!
8. And finally, our five lovely sons, who always make me happy, but to see what they have been up to, that has made me smile this week, you will need to read my previous two posts!
Now I am off to link this to Virginia's blog and share other 'Rockettes' positive thoughts, and as these things have made me smile I will also link them to Annie's blog for her Friday smiles post.


  1. Oh wow Kate. You have so much to smile about. How lovely. You really are blessed. Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Cor, that food photo looks good :)

  3. Oh that's a fabulous post, how fantastic people helping on the knitting front for your Africa project haven't read about that this week so will be interested! Very envious of a favourite beach front cafe - bliss! I hope you have a fantastic and beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  4. All is good, your handsome boys are all alike!

  5. Wow, what a lovely lot of smiles. Gorgeous photos and lovely friends, family and cute cats. I love that you sing too! I used to sing with our church worship group and in a multitude of choirs...gradually picking up the courage to start again. Thanks for the smile. Caro x (#6)

  6. Each shot brought a smile to my face have handsome sons ....but I have t admit that the cookies brought the biggest grin ....I coukd almost smell them xx

  7. what a lot of cookies, and you've had a busy time
    blessings from Angela

  8. It's great to have some lovely memories and feel blessed enough not to take such things for granted. Thank you for sharing them! I now remember a church I went to many years ago calling their house groups life groups, but thanks for clarifying! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. All your smiles and I'm homing in on the cookies :) What is that you're doing with the lemons there? Did you bake them too?

    Am very late catching up from Rocking Friday - hope you have had an amazing week this week too :)


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