Friday, July 19, 2013

Rocking at the Fiesta.

Well there has been plenty to keep my world rocking this week with the annual village fiesta, and our Grandson over here to enjoy it with us. Not least is the music which starts around midnight and continues until 7.30 the next morning! So I am thankful for air-conditioning. This is almost the only time we use it, but by chilling our bedroom to the temperature inside a fridge, we are able to shut the windows, turn the air-con off and use the ceiling fan to ensure we get a good night's sleep despite the noise.

Mind you, we spend a couple of hours on the plaza enjoying all the fun and the friendly atmosphere first, and having a few glasses of the local brews of course.

The fiesta means all the fun of the fair, and this roundabout always amazes me. Have you ever seen anything like it? I have to say the little ponies are well fed and cared for, and much loved by adults and children alike, but quality of life? I'm not so sure!
One night the local dancing school puts on a display of Flamenco dancing and I love to see the little ones. I think they are born with a sense of rhythm, and they gradually learn to make their hands and faces so expressive.
A hugely important part of the fiesta is the 'Tradicional corrida de cintas'. This starts with the 'salida de cinteras', the girls who all wear traditional costume and parade down from the town hall to the plaza, accompanied by the village band, where they are seated all along the pavement. Aren't they adorable?
Then the boys ride bikes etc down the road and try to catch a ribbon furled around a rope that is stretched across the road. When they catch it, one of the girls ties it around him like a sash, kisses him and gives him a gift. 
It is hilarious to see the ones who just aren't up for the kissing but are happy to have their gift, and the ones who want to pose for a whole mass of photos while others are camera shy.
After the infants, it is the turn of the 'juveniles' and then the men. The lad who got the last ribbon was greeted by all the girls and his prize - a scarlet g-string!
It seems to me like a win-win situation for the boys but my Spanish friend was quick to say "Oh no Kate. It is most important for the girls"?!

The final event of the fiesta is always the mass for Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of our village. Everyone dresses up and brings floral tributes to lay before her statue.
The fiesta lasts for four and a half days, so we were glad to have a quite couple of days with our grandson before he had to go home. One afternoon we spent a couple of hours on the beach, and on his last day we went up to the village swimming pool. It is only open during July and August, but it is beautiful up there. The pool itself is huge and very deep. (I am out of my depth all over it). The water is warm and very clean, and there is beautiful scenery all around. It only cost 1€ to swim, and it is never crowded. I think there were about twenty of us in the big pool, and a several young families in the smaller pool. I should really go up more often.
Sorry this is a bit long again, but some people did ask me to tell them more about the fiesta. There are more photos in a folder on my picasa gallery here, so do take look if you are interested.
The fiesta happens at the hottest time of the year and some folk find it tiring and too noisy. But we love to share in all the local traditions and to feel welcomed by the folk from the village who are happy to share with us. So we may be giving a sigh of relief now we are back to normal,but it was a very happy week and I am off to share this at Celtic House and Annie's Friday smiles.


  1. Oh Kate this is such a lovely post. We holidayed a lot with our children in Spain and the week we used to have was always fiesta week where we stayed....we loved it so you have brought back some very special memories for me here.....thank you so much xxxx
    Annie x

  2. Looks like a super day to be out and enjoy the Fiesta. So many pretty photos. Thanks for the smiles. I'm excited my son will arrive from Germany to spend a week with us. So have lots to do. Enjoy the weekend

  3. Oh I adore seeing how busy and different your life is over there, the fiesta looks fantastic - I love the photos you managed to get! The pool looks just so inviting, with 30 degrees plus over here at the moment we're taking to cooling our feet in a cold bath - not quite the same! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead, thank you so much for joining in!

  4. How lovely to read all about the fiesta and the local traditions. I really enjoy hearing all about your life over there and it is good that you can join in. When my friend was in Spain many of the English people didn't bother with the local events.
    Jo x

  5. Oh that all looks such fun (I can't help but be sorry for the ponies, though. Happy Friday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@5)

  6. Gorgeous fiesta pictures and I am envious of that lovely pool. Thanks for sharing everything so nicely with us all. Thanks for the smile. Caro x (#10)

  7. It looks like a fun packed week.The photo of the pool does indeed look inviting although I would be worried about it being so deep.
    Jean x

  8. Thanks for all the photos, it looks like an amazing week.

  9. Looks like you have had a lovely time. Those ponies are adorable - interesting idea! xx

  10. Great post - learned a lot - though I'm not sure about the ponies either!

  11. Fabulous post Kate. Love to see what happens in other nations. Not sure I like the pony ride, but it is their tradition not ours! I s'pose if it still happened here we would be used to it!
    Didn't those little girls look soo cute.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a great post ...such atmospheric photos too. xx

  13. that looks fabulous... and made me feel warm! Hope next week rocks, jenx

  14. Thanks for the write up - fantastic! What a wonderful event, off to see your other photos.
    Hugs and Thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet 44 xx


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