Friday, July 26, 2013

Rocking my World This Week

After the noise and fun of the fiesta last week, this week has been quiet and restful, which in itself is something to be thankful for isn't it?
For July and August life takes on a simple pattern of getting up with the dogs at 7.00, because after 8.00 they are just not interested in walking, breakfast out in the porch, my one piece of housework for the day, cleaning, washing, shopping etc, lunch and a siesta, then either sitting in a shady spot to do some cross stitch, or down in my craft room making cards and 'playing' on the computer, tea, occasionally TV but more usually back to my craft room, a late night swim, and late to bed. That is the pattern and it varies very little. There is no rushing around and no sense of urgency, so we just take stock and rest up ready for the new surge in September.
I have a feeling I will struggle to do a double spread for my Project life album this week!
The temperature is a steady 34º in the shade with
over 40º in the full sun - which I don't go out in unless I have to. Last night the water in the pool was still 29º around midnight. I love just laying in it after dark. It is very relaxing and perfect just before you go to bed.

Sunday was one of the exceptions to our summer schedule because it was the annual Summer lunch for our Gallarte Group (Artists and Crafters from the Los Gallardos area). So I rushed home from church to collect my husband and we drove up to La Cumbre, a restaurant just above the village. We had an excellent meal surrounded by some very good friends. (And I bought a doggy bag back for the girls!).

As we leave the restaurant there is a sharp left turn and a steep drive down to the village. I took this photo from the car which shows our little village nestled down below the beautiful Cabrera mountains. Isn't it a lovely view?
Wednesday was our second son's fortieth birthday. For once I was really pleased with the card I made for him. Here is the front cover and the inside.
This was my first attempt at Kirigami. If you want to know more about why I chose the theme, and how it was made, you can read all about it on my craft blog post, Taming the Lion, HERE.
The most exciting thing for me this week is that we have booked our flights to UK for The Big Cut in September. (Part of the same blog post I linked above). We will be spending a few days with our sons in the Midlands and then Chris will fly home to look after the animals. I will be travelling down to Bournemouth to visit my five sisters who all live in the area. I am the baby of the family, and I miss the family get-togethers they share, so this will be a special visit for me. And now my train tickets are also booked so roll on September!
I always enjoy my weekly trip to the market, and in
the summer the fruit is so inviting. Right now it is yellow cling peaches which are in abundance. Some stalls are almost giving them away. I bought a big carrier bag full at 80 cents a kilo! They are not all that exciting to eat raw, though a really ripe one can be quite nice, but usually I slice them up and lightly poach them in lemonade, (that is all the sweetness they need). Then I use them to make crumbles, and to eat chilled with custard. They taste very like tinned ones. They freeze well but if I have too many for the freezer I also purée them as a sauce for icecream.
I'll finish with this photo I took just after sunrise on Tuesday. It was such a pretty sky. The family will tell you I am a bit fanatical about capturing 'skies' on camera, so I had to take this one. It is very unusual for us to see this sort of cloud formation. Our sky is usually cloudless, or else has big black storm clouds, but not often little fluffy white ones. So here they are.
A couple of hours later they had all blown away!
Now I am off to link this to Virginia's blog, Celtic House. She would love you to join us and tell us what has made you smile this week.


  1. Oh that certainly made me smile - envious of your pool late at night but the heat overall sounds hard work, we are still in the grips of what could be called a heatwave in England and it's exhausting!

    Love the post Church get together and the view of your village - what a gorgeous view!

    Loving that you've got a visit back to catch up with family - exciting stuff!

    Also loving the fresh fruit picture that look gorgeous and love your inventiveness in using them up!

    I hope this next week is beautiful and blessed.


  2. WOW!! So much fabulousness. I am very envious of your warm pool, and heat in general to be honest, we have sun at the moment, but no real heat, though considering it is winter I am grateful it is not cold at the moment!! :)

    Love hearing about your days, it all sounds so rich and filled with connecting.

    I love stone fruits, my mother used to preserve peaches and we used to have jars and jars of them...have never heard about doing them in lemonade, sounds like a fabulous idea!!

  3. Sounds perfect to me (despite the heat) and I love your Kirigami.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  4. I popped over to see your sons lion mane! Wow - impressive! I love the card you made him.

    My shed has been registering 33C and that's to hot for me, I have to come in and flake. I don't know how you do it but I did comment to one of my girls that I can see why hotter countries have siesta!

    Your arty dinner looks so much fun, I sometimes wish I would get more involved with local people or at least find out if there are any local groups - but am not very social so it never goes further than wondering ;)

    Have a lovely week :)

  5. Oh how wonderful to be able to swim late at nice - it has been so hot here during the night that I have considered jumping under the shower a few times LOL

    Fab card - love the way you have done the inside.

    I love taking photos of the sky too - those clouds really do look very pretty.

    Have a super week.
    Toni xx

  6. Oh how I wish I had a pool in the heat we've been having - lucky you. Maybe the dogs could have a dip. Great card but I've never heard of kirigami. You are making this dieting girl very hungry with all that food talk!


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