Friday, July 5, 2013

Rocking my world, Friday

Hi I'm back with another run down on my world and what has kept me smiling this week.
It got off to a good start with a party for my friend's joint 70th birthday and 25th wedding anniversary party. It was at bar El Naranjo and they had made it look very pretty with pink ballons and ribbons, and a banner that read FILICIDADES which in Spanish is used for Happy Birthday, Best Wishes,Congratulations etc. Lots of their friends came together for a great evening.
Flowers and cake; what more could you ask for? And they look so happy don't they?
On Tuesday our choir leader and my friend, Julie, came over to us and together we went to meet Cati, the founder and organiser of the charity ASADIS. We were able to give her 800€ from the donations at the Cantante choir summer concerts. This will help to pay for speech and physio therapy for the children over the summer.
On Monday, my husband Chris, ordered a new wide-format printer for me to replace my 'dead' one, and it arrived on Tuesday. I call that pretty amazing service, and for Spain it is exceptional! So I spent the rest of the day re-arranging my craft room, so I could tuck it away in a corner where hopefully I can protect it from cat hairs!
At my Wednesday sewing group I was given a gift:
Seven lovely water melons. The stripey ones are sandias which are almost pip free.
Most of them will go to the food bank at my church on Sunday, but I cut one up and boxed it in the fridge so it is chilled and ready whenever I fancy some.
On Friday mornings I usually drive to our nearest town of Turre for the market. Next to the railings there is often a little old man with a plastic bucket full of straw, and nestling in it are these bags of lovely fresh eggs. I like to  buy them and the English man on the next stall always grins and says "Scrambled eggs for tea today then?). But surprisingly I don't often break one in transit. Today they all got home intact. Yeah!
Another market buy today was these gorgeous poppy mugs to go with my new kettle. They are nice big ones too. We do like our good English tea!
Now I will leave you with these two lovely photos. We don't get too many beautiful sunsets out here because you need some clouds to reflect the light, and we don't get too many of them either! But this week we had a real treat. Here is the sunset on Wednesday evening (around 10 o'clock).....
.....and here is the sunrise the next morning.
What a blessing just to see them.
Now I shall pop over to Celtic House to link this, and also to Annie's Friday smiles. Do drop in to share other folk's happy moments and why not share some of your too?


  1. Oh Kate,
    You have so many wonderful things in your life. Those sky pics really take your breath away don't they? Nature is so wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Beautiful sunset and rise photos
    And the first couple of photos are packed with smiles - hope you had a lovely time :)

  3. what a fun packed week, hope you have another great one.

  4. Not sure how you got those eggs back without one breakage ...and that melon looks yummy ...but the sky shots are what made me smile at their beauty.xx

  5. Such a lovely caring sharing post.... but that's you all over!
    Love Jo x

  6. Oh fabulous week, the money raised for the charity is fantastic! Birthday party looks great fun too! Loving your sunset and sunrise pictures - always an amazing blessing!

    I'll keep an eye open for that variety of water melon as have a 12 year old who spends an awfully long time pulling out the seeds!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.


  7. I am drooling over your lovely bowl of water melon. It is actually hot enough here today to bring back memories of a sunny afternoon in your garden on one of my visits,with a dish of chilled refreshing melon.
    Gorgeous sunset and sunrise photos too.
    Jean x

  8. Oh wow! What lovely things you have to make you smile this week. I love your water melons and the sunset and sunrise photos especially. Thanks for sharing lots of smiles. Caro x (#10)

  9. That sunset is beautiful! I am not really a watermelon lover, but the colour is gorgeous.

  10. Kate,
    This is the good life. Fruit, magic sunsets, friends, busy doings! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. What a fabulous post. I loved reading about the market, could almost imagine walking it with you :)

    What a great pile of melons, I'm not a melon fan myself but have been talking about buying one. My bubba is teething and likes to hold chunks of cucumber and suck the middle out - am guessing it's nice and cold on his gums so have been thinking melons might be nice for him too.

    You sound like you do so much good work for other people, it's just lovely. Have a gorgeous week Kate.

    Carmen x

  12. A lovely week, party looks great and I hope you save the printer from being a cat bed. Yum to the watermelons and what lovely cheerful mugs for a.cup of tea. Have a great weekend

  13. those watermelons look gorgeous! love the photos and those sunsets.... fab! Have a lovely week, jenx

  14. Mmmmmn! I fancy some watermelon now! Those sunset and rise pictures look great. We have even been having some good ones in Wales right now!
    Looks like you have had a very sociable week!


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