Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bye-bye Ben

Today we had to say good-bye to our visitors. We've enjoyed having Ben and Dave here this week. They spent part of each day exploring the surrounding towns and villages, and part of it 'catching some rays' while they read and relaxed up on the roof terrace. The weather has been a bit variable. They had some really hot, sunny days, some bright and breezy ones, an overcast one and one when it rained, but it is Autumn so I guess that wasn't too bad. They loved the view from our flat, just as we do. The sea has been every shade of blue this week and we've had some interesting clouds and sky.
Since my exploring trips earlier this week, I haven't been out much except to collect essential supplies from the supermarket. As it is about a fifteen minute drive each way to our nearest shop, I am learning to keep a running shopping list on the kitchen wall. It is a long way to go back when you forget something. I am pleased to say that Chris is much better now so we will be getting back on-track next week. We did go out for the evening last night. Ben and Dave wanted to take us out for a meal, so we drove over to Mojacar, but we were a little late going out, and many places were closed. We couldn't decide whether it was just the time, or whether they were closed for private halloween parties, or had closed completely until the season starts again in the Spring. I think it was a mixture of all three. Anyway we couldn't find anywhere that we all liked the look of, so we drove back as far as Villaricos and had dinner at the same restaurant as we went to on our birthdays, and it was again an excellent meal. Today our visitors were up before us as they wanted to catch Vera market, and the markets all pack up at lunch time. Today is All Soul's Day, and once again they treat it as a national holiday, so everywhere was closing at mid-day. I sat outside with Dave just chatting all afternoon, and it was quite warm, but by teatime it was raining. We all went down to the beach bar to have something to eat before they left at around 5.30 to drive to the airport. It was the first time I remembered to take a camera so I did get a photo of us by one of the arch openings at the bar, but it is a rather grey sea and sky behind us. According to our neighbour, this weather is poor for the time of year, and the forecast is for better again next week, so we live in hope.

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