Friday, November 28, 2008

A Land of Contrasts

What a contrast this picture shows to the dark and angry seas we had yesterday. This was taken along Mojacar coast this lunchtime. The sun shone all day and the wind changed direction and blew from the west so the temperature was much milder than yesterday, though we have the heating back on this evening. But it was a lovely day to be out and about. We stopped at Mojacar on our way up to Albox to view a house. It was a lovely property though not what we want. It was in a very isolated location with too much land, but there were stunning views. Albox is nestled in the foothills of Los Filabres mountain range. Today the tops were covered in snow, and the scene was stunning. The highest point is Tetica de Bacares, casually referred to by the locals as the 'witches tit', but put more elegantly in travel books as 'so called because its shape resembles a woman's breast'! Whatever it's called, it is very lovely. The western reach of this mountain range joins the beginning of the Sierra Nevada. We hope to take Jonathan up to the snow on the Sierra when he is here for Christmas. It is easily done in a day trip.
We are learning to enjoy each day, whatever it brings. They are saying it will rain all over the weekend, but who knows. They got it wrong today didn't they?

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  1. Lucky you... It's subzero in Oswestry today with thick fog that's not budged all day! Wish I was in Spain!


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