Monday, November 10, 2008

En el Aire

I was going to call todays blog 'Al fresco' when I realised how 'un-Spanish' that is. However as far as I can see, when they say 'I need some fresh air' they simply say 'necessito el aire' and don't bother with the word 'fresco', which they would use for 'fresh' food etc. Maybe they consider that the air here is always fresh so there's no need to say it! Any way the reason for the title is that we have had some beautiful weather here so we are making the most of it and eating outside whenever we can.
Yesterday I went to church in the morning, (we had a very nice Remembrance Day service), and when I got home it was much too nice to stand in front of a cooker, so I made a hasty snack and we sat up on the roof terrace to eat it. Chris is looking much better isn't he? He does love the sun, and in fairness so do I, especially at this time of year when it is gentle enough to sit in without burning. Lunch was followed by a siesta of course. When in Spain etc, etc ..... The sun gets lost behind the building next door by 4.30 and the temperature immediately drops, and soon after that it goes behind the hills at the back of us, so we have to come in. By the evening it is quite chilly indoors and we are glad to have a hot meal and find some extra layers of clothes. I don't know how much longer the weather will last, but I am just grateful for each new day that dawns with a blue sky.

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