Friday, November 21, 2008

Lost !!

We've seen a bit of a down turn in the weather. Rain was forecast for a couple of days, and yesterday we did get a few drops. but today it came down in shed-loads and the sky was black as pitch. We were out all morning, but as we were driving home around 2.00 there was a beautiful rainbow arching across the sky, and dipping it's end in the sea. Lovely!
We were out and about this morning because I wanted to go to a coffee morning being held by a lady from the church I go to. We are only a small congregation of about thirty each week, but we all travel from every direction, some quite a distance, to get there. This lady lives out in the country a bit, quite a long way from here so I wasn't very confident about finding her house, and persuaded Chris to drive me. She had given me very clear directions, but just as we reached her turn-off from the motorway we hit roadworks. There was a length of contraflow and we couldn't get to our turning. So we thought we would go on to the next one and double back. We duly turned off the motorway, only to find the road we then needed was blocked off. We decided to take a secondary road in what we thought was the right direction and soon found ourselves on an unmade track with no junctions. Several miles further on we turned into a tunnel that went under the road, only to find ourselves on a similar track in the opposite direction. But could we find a way back on to the motorway? ..No! Some landmarks started becoming familiar as we realised we had passed them (several times) before. In the end, after we had skidded down a particularly narrow and pot-holed section of track, we saw a tarmac road and pulled on to it. As we had no idea where we were, we dug out the sat-nav and asked it to take us 'home'. Of course it didn't know about the road works so before long we faced a barrier again and knew we had done another circuit of the same area. Thankfully a random turn suddenly brought us to a motorway junction, and two hours after leaving home we were on our way back there. Needless to say, I never did get to my coffee morning, but never mind. There is bound to be another one soon, and I'll ask how to avoid the roadworks next time.
The good news is that the sunshine should be back tomorrow. It is getting chillier. You'd be amazed how cold 16ยบ can feel when you have had unboken sunshine for days! I got the douvets out of storage last night and Chris is happy to snuggle up but I don't really need it yet, and I'm still sitting up on the roof with my sewing most afternoons. It's hard to remember that we are heading for the end of November. Long may it last. We keep getting dire warnings from folk who've been here for a few years, that Februaury is the 'bad' month, so it's a good thing we brought some winter woollies with us.

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