Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today was very grey and overcast and I didn't fancy sitting around in the flat all day so I suggested we visit somewhere we haven't been to before. About 20 kilometers east of here there is quite a large town called Aguilas. We've been passed it several times but never actually turned in to it, so that's where we went today. And we were pleasantly surprised. We had expected a busy city atmosphere, with maybe a port of some sort, but what we found was a good selection of shops, I think you could find most things there if you tried, and a very pleasant beach. The sand was dotted with carefully tended palm trees offering shade on a hot day, and there were wide pavements tiled in a variety of colours, fountains, covered walkways, and lots of places to sit and enjoy them. There was a fair amount of nice green grass and flower beds planted with brilliant poinsettias to add colour, and lots of pavement caf├ęs. I expect it is heaving with people in the summer, but even today there were a few folk sitting there having their lunch. We popped into a supermarket to buy a lovely warm stick of bread for our lunch, and we also bought a big net of mandarins for just over a euro. When we got home I found there were thirty-two fruit in it, so that's our vitamin C sorted out for this week! We both eat two or three every day, but I think they are seasonal so we won't always be able to get them. See my gallery for more photos.

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