Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Spain?

One of the reasons we have chosen to make our home is Spain is the way it continues to surprise us. Here we are in the middle of January, when even here it is expected to be a bit chilly, wet or windy. Today there was no sun when I opened the shutters this morning, but as I stepped out on to the verandah, the air wrapped itself around me like a soft, warm blanket. I have never felt anything quite like it in England. There was a light breeze but it had no chill in it today. Our thermometer registered 24ยบ for most of the day, but although it brightened up, it never became a truly sunny day such as we have had a few of in the last week. It was definitely warmer outside than in the flat, so as usual, I spent the afternoon up on the roof terrace. But first I decided to take a stroll around the bay. The wind was getting stronger but I was soon too warm for my cardigan. It was lovely to see all the colourful flowers, both in the gardens I passed, as well as growing wild on the rocks and gravel of the beach. I was even tempted to paddle, so with my trousers rolled up to my knees, I stood in the sea with little waves lapping over my toes. Yes it was cold, but not bone-achingly cold, and I stayed there for quite a while.
This afternoon I did some sewing up on the roof, but the wind got stronger until I struggled to hold my work, and in the end I gave up and got stuck into a book that I am really enjoying. By 5 o'clock I was forced inside when I felt that my chair was being shaken and I thought I might be blown away, chair, book and all! Now we are inside with the shutters closed and the curtains drawn, but outside, the air is still warm, and the wind is so violent that we feel it could do some serious damage tonight. And the noise is something else altogether. I wonder what tomorrow has in store for us. That's Spain; another surprise every day!

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