Friday, January 2, 2009

Hooray - Christmas mail !!

I know it's January, but yes, today we got the rest of our Christmas post. Mike got some down to Brighton for Jonathan to bring over, but we continued to check the post office box every couple of days. We thought we'd do one last run on Christmas Eve, so on 23rd, as we were taking Jonathan up to Sierra Nevada, we gave Cuevas a miss. However, when we got there on the morning of 24th, we found the post office all locked up. There was a notice on the inner door which I couldn't read, so Jonathan suggested taking a photo of it, and when I got it home and blew it up on the computer, this is what I found. Basically it says that the post office is closed from 24th December until 31st. We now know that this is usual for all post offices in Spain except for the main ones in the largest cities. They forgot to add that it is also closed on 1st January, but I guess we should have just assumed that New Year's Day is a public holiday in most places, so after another fruitless trip yesterday. we went again today, and Bingo ..... lots of lovely Christmas cards. They are now hung up in the flat. My decorations always stay up until twelfth night any way, and they deserve to have their showing along with the rest. So thank you to everyone who sent to us. I am sure all your cards and messages did reach us in the end, and it meant a lot to us to receive them. It will be better next year when we have a proper address, and our own little mail box on the house.
I apologise if anyone has tried to contact us in the past few days. Unfortunately we have lost our 3G connection for the internet and although we can still use it, it is very slow, and it is not possible to use Skype. But we can still e-mail, so we haven't lost contact altogether, and when I am in a patient mood, I will log into facebook as well. We are not sure what the problem is, but Chris is trying to get it sorted out.
We are in rather a state of limbo at the minute, until we can proceed further with the house, so I do not have much to blog about, but I shall continue to update you once a week at least, so keep checking, and I'll keep chatting!

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