Friday, January 9, 2009

Bird on a wire

'My feathered friends' would probably be a better title but I couldn't resist getting in another song title, Leonard Cohen this time. There are lots of birds around now its cooler. I read somewhere that they don't sing when it's too hot! This little fellow has taken to visiting us each day. He comes around 4.00 and stays for over an hour, so we have started shaking our lunch-time crumbs out on the verandah for him. Today he went away and came back with three sparrows in tow. It was almost as though he had gone to invite them to supper! I thought he was a pied wagtail. He walks with the same bouncy gait and bobs his tail up and down. But they have a much blacker back. From what I can find on the internet I have decided he is probably a white wagtail though his back is pale brown. I love the way he is not exactly tame, but not frightened of us either. Today I took this picture through the patio window. I was right there with the camera up against the glass and he came up to the shutter right beside me and ate the crumbs we'd left for him. He's naturally an insect eater so perhaps we should put meat out for him next time. The sparrows were more cautious and flew away each time I tried to get close to them, but they didn't go far and made sure they got their share of the food. Anyway I think they are all so cute. They've been to see us everyday this week so I hope they keep coming.

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