Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wired for sound

Wired for sound - Cliff Richard! Well in this picture we are both wired for sound. As our taste in music does not always travel along the same lines, Chris and I often choose to each listen to our own. Here Chris is attached to his computer via headphones, and I am listening to my mp3 player. My earphones only have a short wire so I tuck my player into my shoulder strap, and wear the earphones with their wires around the back of my neck so they don't get in the way of my sewing.
It is a week since I wrote in this blog, mainly because we have not been doing much just lately, apart from relaxing. As you can see, the weather has taken a turn for the better so we have been soaking up the sun on the roof terrace. Our thermometer on the verandah, in the shade, showed 14º, but it was 26º in the sun! I have found another piece of sewing to keep me busy, because I am no good at sitting doing nothing, and although I like to read, I try to ration my reading time each day, as I do not have a huge supply of English books. We sat out until half past four, but then a wind blew up and it got much chillier, but we'd managed a good few hours of fresh air by then.
The owner of the house we are buying is back out here on 30th January so we hope to complete the purchase by the second week in February. After that we will be very busy until we return to England to sort our belongings. We have hired a removal company to collect it all and deliver it here in March, so we will need to be home a little earlier than planned. But that's fine. We just want to get in there now and start arranging our own things, so it feels like home.
We have two lots of visitors to look forward to before then, My sister Jean and her husband Ron are here from Wednesday of next week, and Tom and Jessie come on 8th February. I am really looking forward to seeing them all. I just hope the nice weather continues for them.

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