Monday, January 12, 2009

Our feathered friends again

With no other real news to write about, I thought I'd upload another couple of pictures of our faithful friend. Out here, the only bacon we can get is streaky and it still has rind on, like it used to long ago at home. (It's very nice too). So each day I cut the rind off one rasher and snip it into tiny pieces to put out with our lunch time crumbs for our feathered friends. They are getting wise to this banquet and now turn up from early morning right through til night fall, or until the food is all gone! They squabble over who gets it, but I think they all end up with a share. This little wagtail is lovely. He has an alert and beady eye, and he sits in the ledge between the window and shutters, and cocks his little head on one side, as if to say 'Please, can I have some more?'. I'll have to call him Oliver. The downside to this is that every day I have to scrub the verandah table and floor. For such tiny little creatures, they don't half make a mess! But it's worth it to enjoy their company each day.
Now we are off to bed. We have to be up early tomorrow to get to our solicitor's office in Mojacar. She is taking us to Almeria city to get our NIE number. This is a kind of identity number that we have to have to buy anything major like a house or car. It will bring us another step closer to our new life.

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