Friday, October 17, 2008

Feliz cumpleaños a me

Well it may be my birthday, but we couldn't go out as planned as we had another day waiting in for the elusive 'special delivery letter', which still hasn't come. Our neighbour told us that mail is delivered on Fridays, someone else said 'she usually drives over around 2.00' so we decided to wait around once more, but the witching hour arrived and went, but the post-lady did not! Tonight, another neighbour said that Saturday is a good day for mail, so do we sit at home again? Well one of us will have to go to the supermarket, that's for sure, as the larder is getting very empty in deed. Normally the post, or lack of it, wouldn't be very important, but we know there have been several items posted to us, (Including birthday cards, and very important letters) so it is kind of annoying. Right now a bit of junk mail would be welcome! Never mind. we have days to spare and the weather has been superb all week. So today I did another 'extreme' killer sudoku, the minimum amount of housework I could get away with, and a lot of lazing on the sun terrace with my cross stitching. We went out to dinner on Chris' birthday on Wednesday, but as our cupboards are bare, I got taken out again tonight, which was very nice.
I had a chat to Jean on Skype, Jo on facebook, and 'the lads' sent messages, so I haven't been short of birthday greetings. Thank you to those who have sent cards that haven't come. I'll let you know when they arrive.
Further to my post last Thursday about the sign on the beach. I now know that 'Tirar prohibido' isn't talking about throwing or removing the rocks; it is saying that it is forbidden to tip rubbish! So I learn something new every day.
I didn't take any photos of particular note to day, so I thought I'd leave you with one I took of the sunset last night, as seen from the roof. It was a lovely colour, and the little tree on the terrace, which is completely dead because I don't think anyone has ever watered it, silhouetted rather well against it.

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