Sunday, October 26, 2008

Praise the Lord!

We've had a quiet few days as Chris is still not up and running though he does seem just a little better today. Hopefully he will get his appitite back soon. I am sure he will feel better when he is eating more. I drove myself to Vera Pueblo yesterday to look for a few items that we haven't seen so far. I had an interesting experience in a Día supermarket. This is the chain used mainly by Spanish people and the staff spoke no English, so when my 'plastic' refused to work, (it wasn't only mine), we did a lot of miming and threw a few random words at one another, and they set my trolley aside while I went to the bank where my card worked perfectly, and I duly drew out some cash and returned for my shopping.
Today I went to a little chapel that we passed two years ago when we spent a week in Arboleas. I tiptoed round it and peeped inside but no-one was around and Sunday had already gone so I found it too late to go to a service there. I couldn't remember exactly where it was, but last week we picked up a free paper in the estate agents, and in the classified ads I saw a few lines saying there was a Sunday morning meeting and anyone was welcome, and it gave a phone number for Rev. C.Smith. I was sure that was the name I had seen on the notice board last time, so I followed the directions and sure enough, there it was. There were about thirty in the congregation, mostly but not all English, and we had a very nice service. Afterwards I stayed for refreshments and got to talk to a few of them and they made me feel very welcome. Unfortunately the Rev. C. Smith is on sabbatical leave until February, but they seem to have a well organised team to run it in his absence, and several visiting preachers lined up. I shall be going there again. it is only a half-hour drive from here, and is nearer than any other I have found so far. It is called the Vera International Christian Fellowship, and is interdenominational. Todays speaker was from the Salvation Army.
I have now loaded a folder of photos from Villaricos on my gallery and added more to the 'Sea and sky' folder.

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