Friday, October 10, 2008

A very blustery day

Today is what Winnie the Pooh would definitely call 'A very blustery day'. I walked along the beach this morning and it certainly got rid of the cobwebs, but when I went just around the headland, it nearly got rid of me. I met the full force of the wind in my face and it was enough to nearly knock me off my feet! Needless to say the sea was very exhilarating, with waves breaking way out on the horizon, and again as they hit the shore. There'll be another layer of weed there after today, but it isn't at all smelly, or full of flies, so it's not a problem. When the sun broke through a crack in the clouds, the light on the water was lovely.

Ben has sorted his Skype out so we had a chat this morning which was great. It will be even better when we have learned to allow for the slight delay so we don't keep talking over one another!
The couple who own this flat brought us a couple of more comfortable chairs today, which pleased me. The sofa is high and when I sit back on it my little toes dangle a few inches off the ground! Not ideal. This afternoon we drove to a big hypermarket about 15km away and bought a printer for the computer, and other bits and pieces we haven't seen elsewhere. Chris bought himself a little camera like mine, so we will be competeing to get the best pics now. Although it is gone eight o'clock at night, dark, and the wind is still blowing a gale, the temperature outside is still 22┬║. Not bad eh?
I had a lesson last night from a long-suffering Chris, and I can now reduce the resolution of my photos so I can load them up more quickly and efficiently. I have also reduced their physical size just so they fit on the page better, but if you click on each one can you view it full screen. If your eyes are anything like mine, these little ones don't really tell the story, do they? I shall have to invest in a bright table light if I am going to use my evenings constructively, but i am going to do a bit of craft now anyway. Hasta luego.

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