Friday, October 24, 2008

A 'grown-up' story

Today is a 'grown-up' story; too many words and not enough pictures! There are no photos because my camera has developed a round 'oil' stain inside the lens. I have no idea what happened, but it can be seen on most of my photos. We've tried everything we can think of to clean it but it's still there. The annoying thing is that the camera is still under guarantee; I bought it just before we went to Thailand; but all the paper work is somewhere in the depth of a container in Pontesbury! I expect I shall replace it as I really want to keep a record of all we do and the places we see while we are out here, but I shall keep this one in the hope I can find the receipt when I get back.
Well another day draws to an end. Poor Chris is still not fully recovered from his somewhat virulent tummy bug, but he is on the mend. This morning, with my new found confidence in the car, I drove over to Garrucha where I was told I would find a 'Farmacia' with English speaking staff. The lady there was very helpful and gave me some pills and drink-powder which do seem to be helping. She told me to give him 'rice and carrots', so I did! I am so hoping that I don't get it now.
Having got what I went for, I had a wander down the main street to see what else is there and I discovered it was market day, which explains why it took me ages to find a parking place. It was a very good market, over the length of three streets. I bravely asked for fruit and vegetables in Spanish, and even managed to understand what money I was asked for, so I'm getting better.
The clouds did roll by, just about. After a shaky start we had a very nice day, though it got windy this afternoon. I went upstairs to do some sewing but my pattern kept blowing away and I had to abandon that idea for today. My thermometer registered 20┬║ in the shade but it felt colder than that to me, though I shouldn't complain. I am sure it is much worse back in Blighty.

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