Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life's little ups and downs

We've had a fairly quiet week so far as Chris is under the weather. He wasn't feeling too good yesterday morning but, as we both had mail to post, we decided to take a quick trip to Garrucha as we know where the post office is there. Mail duly posted, we stopped off on the way home at a little place called Villaricos. We went there on our last visit and we both rather like it. Originally a little Spanish fishing village, it is in danger of losing its national identity because of the large number of ex-pats who now live in big apartment blocks there. However it is still a fairly sleepy little place, with a wide bay, and a small harbour at each end. One end used to be a home for the fishing boats but it houses more small yatchts and pleasure boats than working ones now, though fishing is still very important all along the coast. There is a long, clean promenade where you can take a stroll, and benches for sitting watching the boats, and the sea-birds on the rocks. It was a lovely sunny morning, and we passed a pleasant hour there before Chris decided he needed to go home.
While he rested, I had a swim in the pool and then sat out on our sunny verandah making Christmas cards!!
Unfortunately Chris was rather worse today, and has spent most of the day in bed. I spent ages trawling the net for interesting properties on the market. There are plenty to chose from, though they are quite highly priced, despite the so called 'collapse of the housing market'. Anyway, I have drawn up a short list and we may get to view some of them, though we have plenty of time for that.
Today ended on a low note when I went to make us a cup of tea this evening, only to find the milk had turned, so its only juice for breakfast until I have made a trip to the supermarket. I will have to be more careful. Everything has a shorter shelf-life out here, though the milk was still in date and should have been O.K. Never mind; we have plenty of alternatives in the house, and if Chris is still not better tomorrow, it will force me to take the car out on my own for the first time. I've been working up to it, and have done quite a bit of driving with Chris sitting beside me, but I haven't gone solo yet, but it's something I really need to do, and the supermarket is only a short drive from here.

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