Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Just wait 'til the clouds roll by"

This title will have a familiar ring for anyone who knows the lovely Irish song by the Fureys , but if that's not you, then take it as an apt way to describe what I've been doing for most of today! We woke up to thick cloud cover and mid-morning the rain started. We then had fierce thunder storms on and off all day. But there was a stiff breeze too, and by tea time the blackest clouds were getting blown away, so hopefully we have had the worst of it for now. I curled up in a chair and finished reading my book. Usually I ration myself to a chapter a day. I only have one more English book with me, but I am sure I will pick some up at the car boot sales that happen here quite regularly, and the supermarkets have one or two. Maybe one day I will be able to tackle one in Spanish. You never know!
Chris is a little better today, and although he has slept for most of it, he has managed to eat a poached egg, so hopefully he will be recovered by tomorrow. But I couldn't expect him to face a shopping expedition so I did drive myself to the supermarket this morning and replaced the milk, filled up the water carriers, and trawled the shelves for a few things to tempt him with later. I needn't have worried about the driving on my own. It was ten o'clock in the morning and I doubt whether I saw more than half a dozen cars on the whole journey there and back! I just made it home as the first drops of rain fell so that was good timing. I think I shall spend my evening assembling those Christmas cards I started the other day.
By the way, have you noticed how my little flower fairies keep popping up in the fairy art window? Lovely aren't they?

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