Sunday, October 12, 2008

A lazy, hazy day

I seem to have got sleeping sickness since I came here, because I wake up a bit later every day. It's just not like me to stay asleep until 9.00, but I seem to do it every day here. Perhaps we just needed to unwind a bit. But at least we woke up to sunshine today. I had a bit of a surprise when I took my 'brunch' out onto the verandah though. Yesterdays rain must have come straight across from the Sahara. Everything was covered in rusty coloured sand and I had to wash all the furniture before I could sit down to eat.
I had a good talk to Tom using Skype today. It is so nice to be able to chat. Unfortunately Chris tells me that a webcam would need too much power for us to use one, so I have to knock that idea on the head. I rather fancied seeing who I was talking to, but apparently the picture would just keep breaking up.

I was considering a dip in the pool this afternoon when I heard some
other people were down there.I looked over the verandah to see who it was and spotted a man from the flats in front of ours, and he was skinny-dipping! I don't think he realised he has neighbours this year. Anyway I decided not to join him today. Maybe I'll give it a go next time the sun shines.

This evening we went down to the little bar on our beach and had dinner there. It wasn't quite the Sunday roast I am used to, but half a roast chicken with chips hit the spot non the less. It is a nice little bar, run by an English couple but with a good mix of Spanish and English in the clientele. We spent a while chatting to a lady from across the street who gave us some useful information about shops etc. We have just come back home and are going straight to bed, so maybe we will surface a little earlier tomorrow.

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