Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cat and Mouse

I guess we've all played cat and mouse at some time, and right now it is the favourite game of my little friend Sombra. I doubt he knows he has caught a 'mouse', but he knows he has something that I want, and puts up a good fight to hang on to it. As soon as I sit at my computer he jumps up and tries to climb onto my shoulder. Not only am I tired of being a pin-cushion, but it is just too hot to wear a fur collar, so I keep putting him down again, and in the end he curls up on my table as close to me as he can get. As the only available space is to the right of my keyboard, this inevitably means that he sits on my mouse. If I'm lucky he falls asleep holding it. Otherwise he spends his time trying to catch the curser as it moves on the screen, and that makes computing somewhat difficult.

Sombra has the run of the house now and he and Paco are learning to tolerate each other. He has great tenacity and returns to pester Paco over and over again, and just gets his ears boxed for his efforts, but in the end he gives up and they each find their own space to relax in. On Monday he will have his injections and then, in theory at least, he can venture outside, but he still hisses and spits if he sees the dogs, and they in turn bark and jump at him, so he will need a lot of supervision for quite a while yet.

I still shut him in my room sometimes and if I am not there to pester, he sits on my boxes under the window and watches the world go by - especially all the little birds. He can jump up on the boxes without using my chair as a step now, and he seems a lot more agile than Paco was as a kitten. He has grown a lot already, and his markings are becoming clearer. He has beautiful orange eyes that stand out against his dark fur. He's very cute and I enjoy having him around.

P.S. Thank you Tom for leaving a comment. If you don't know what I am referring to, click on my blog history and read my two previous posts.

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