Saturday, July 10, 2010

Party Time

Yes it's party time in Los Gallardos, or more accurately it's fiesta time ('Fiesta' does mean 'party' in Spanish). I can't believe a whole year has gone by since we had our last village special. We have, of course, had several lesser fiestas during that time, but this is the big one - Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen who is the patron saint of our village. The fiesta starts next Thursday and runs almost non-stop until Sunday, with games, music, dancing, processions, loud fireworks, food, fairground rides, competitions, a lovely open-air mass, and much, much more. There are strings of lights across the plaza now, and several fairground rides are up already. The music literally goes on all night as do the bars, but we stay until we have had enough, and then go home, close the bedroom windows and shutters (the only time this happens all year), put on the aircon, and sleep through it. For most of the villagers, this is their holiday. They have new clothes to wear and dress the children up. Many of them wear flamenco style dresses and they look beautiful, and the children all get toys and other bits and pieces from the stalls that line the streets. The shops only open for a few hours a day, if at all, so I must get myself organised at the beginning of the week.

It being our first year, we went to most of the events last year, and Jonathan was here to enjoy it with us, but I expect we will pick and choose when we go this year. The dogs will be frightened by some of the strange noises, and I know Chris will want to stay with them when the fireworks go off. I will be popping over to the main square quite often to see what is going on. I love the atmosphere. There is no trouble despite the 24 hour supply of alcohol, and everyone just wants to enjoy themselves. We'll be glad enough when it is all over though, and the village goes back to its usual quiet.

As there are no photos to go with tonight's blog I thought I would just add these onee before you are all completely fed up with me going on about my babies. Just after I had finished last night's blog, they both started chasing around on my computer desk so I scooped them up and they sat quite happily having a stroke with no sign of a fight between them. Chris happened to put his head around the door so I got him to take a photo and here it is. And more amazing still, when, a few minutes later, Chico, who sleeps indoors with us since his accident, came and flopped down by my door, the two little cats just sat on my desk and stared at him, with no hint of a growl or hiss. A week ago Sombra was spitting fire if a dog came anywhere near him. So that's real progress, and a happy note to end this post on.

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