Friday, July 2, 2010

Changing again

So far I have not had any comments on the changes I made to my blog appearance. Whether that is because you are all too polite to say you don't like it, too computer shy to have a go at leaving a comment, or you just don't read it, i am not sure. I hope it isn't the latter, but as I enjoy writing it, I shall continue in any case! But I have made a few more changes. As Chris is my only critic I have taken his advice and changed all the print back from 'bold' to 'normal' and am using another different font. It spaces better and I hope you all find it easier to use. (Anyone looking at yesterday's blog in the last couple of hours must have wondered what was going on. I had to use it to test out each new idea and sometimes each of the four paragraphs was differently written). Now I have settled on a font, size etc, yesterday's has changed to that so a lot of what it says is a bit meaningless now. But not to worry; the rest of it is still my news.

I have also added two panoramic photos that I have made by taking a series of views and 'stitching' them together in my photo editor. The one at the top is the view at the back of our house, before a huge mimosa tree sprung up from nowhere and hid half of it. Underneath my blog is a picture of the beach where Jean and I went on Tuesday. It is also where our church held a baptismal service earlier in June.

In order to have the lower picture on my blog, I have had to change to one entry only showing at a time. This makes it harder for you to see whether you have missed the previous one, but to the right of the page there is a blog history where you can click on the month to see what else has been posted, and on their title to open any of them that you may have missed.

Once again, I would welcome some comments, if only to let me know that I am not all alone in cyber space! So don't be shy. Tell me what you really think!

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  1. I like it! Good move on getting rid of the bold font. It is much more readable now. Speak to you soon,


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