Friday, July 9, 2010

Hide and Seek!

My two latest additions are settling down well. Sombra is much less wild now. He likes to sit near me and has a loud purr. He is always hungry and eats everything I give him so he is growing fast. He now has the run of the house but still choses to spend most of his time down in my room with me. Little Luna spent her first day hiding in corners, but she now comes out to eat and plays with Sombra. The vet has decided that she is two weeks younger than Sombra but she is half his size. She only eats a little at a time yet, but as she gains confidence, her appetite will improve I'm sure. She has loads of energy and the two of them whizz around my room. There are lots of shelves and boxes that give them opportunities to play Hide and Seek, and they creep up on each other and romp and squeal. Sometimes when they are locked together I think 'Is that a loving embrace or mortal combat?' and from the angry bansheen wails they emit the latter seems the more likely, but they go straight back for more and I think they enjoy their spats. They both like to watch the birds out the back and often sit quite calmly together on the window sill. You can see in this picture, just how much bigger Sombra is than Luna. Luna is chocolate box pretty with a thick, quite fluffy coat but her hair is coarse. Sombra is lighter than he was, especially down his front and tummy, with lovely grey markings, and his fur is soft as silk. They are a funny pair and very entertaining together. They also help me to keep my room tidy, because anything I leave out over night has chewed corners by the morning, so if you have a birthday coming up and your card has teethmarks in the corners, you'll know why!

Someone else playing hide and seek this week was this gorgeous bright green hopper. I was out in the front garden doing some 'dead-heading' and I nearly picked him. He matched the leaves on my pelagonium exactly. And just look at those amazing eyes. The bugs are really quite beautiful out here. I just have to be a bit careful as I don't know which ones it's not advisable to touch.

(I've just picked Luna up and stroked her and she purred. That's the first time I've heard her. She must be starting to trust me).

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