Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello Hobbits!

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Luna, my little tabby kitten, who joined us to 'even up the score'. Well I came close to making it uneven again this week, because my vet knows me very well, so when, early this week, she had an unwanted Persian boy dumped on her, who did she ring? Me, of course! I went to see him, and as I stroked his head he went limp and rolled over to have his belly rubbed. It was love at first sight and I knew I had to give him a home. Then, the next day, she called me in to see his mother. She was desperate to home her because otherwise she would have been taken back by the owner, who had used her to breed several litters in quick succession, and now no longer wanted her. She had to be rescued, so for now I have them both, with the proviso that if they haven't settled with the other animals within a month, they will try to rehome the mother elsewhere.

Both cats are severely malnourished, with all their bones sticking out. The mother must have had tangles in her fur because it has been chopped off very badly. It looks as though someone went at her with a knife and fork! Both were covered in fleas and had ear-mites, and the boy had old scabs on his head. They stayed at the vets until both had been neutered and treated for their various skin problems, and this morning I brought them home. They are in isolation at the moment, just while they settle in and get used to me. The others are all fine now, with Paco and the kittens all sleeping together, and all of them happily sitting out with the dogs in the afternoons, so I am hoping these will settle down the same. The mother is three and a half and the boy, two years, so they are not very old, and hopefully will integrate just fine. I chose names for them both from that wonderful saga 'Lord of the Rings'. The boy I have named Bilbo Baggins, (we'll just call him Baggins) after the hobbit who is the hero of the tale. It seemed to suit him, because he is one of those cats who is so relaxed he feels as though he has no bones (A bit like Dorothy's Beezer for those who know him). His mother I have named Arwen who was the Princess of Rivendale in Book I. She is a scraggy little thing right now, but given enough TLC I think she will make a beautiful princess one day.

The vet has promised not to phone me next time she gets a 'Special' brought in. I told her, "From now on, it's off the hook!"

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