Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To Even up the Score!

Being born mid-October I am a true Libran, and I like everything to balance, so having three dogs and two cats has never felt quite right. So today, when an opportunity arose to put that right, I jumped at it. I had called into the vet's surgery to borrow a second cat carrier so I could take both Paco and Sombra together this evening, to have their injections - first ones for Sombra and an annual booster for Paco. The vet moved into new premises in Turre this week and now has a huge reception area. Just inside there was a big cage with two tiny kittens in it. They had been dumped on her doorstep in the night. Well, I took one look at this little darling and knew she had my name written all over her (metaphorically speaking of course). I came home and talked to Chris, and my dear, long suffering husband reluctantly said 'Yes'; I could have her. So this evening she joined the other two to have her first injections and we brought her home with us. I am putting her with Sombra because she is only two weeks younger than him, and being a female, they will probably soon be playing together as though they were from the same litter. She is only half his size and weighs next to nothing, but Sombra has grown a lot these past few weeks and I expect she will too once she has regualar food and care. So here is the first picture of her. Isn't she gorgeous? She looks a bit bewildered but she has just had an injection, been rubbed with de-fleaing solution, been dumped in box and taken for a car ride, and now she has a little black monster growling at her. But he is only having a quiet grumble, not attacking her, so I think they will be O.K. I have called her Luna. Sombra is my little dark shadow and she is the moonlight. They compliment each other well.

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