Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good news for our boys!

We are feeling really happy for two of our boys this week.
Jonathan has spent his life trying to get in a good band, and it has paid off for him this week. He is drummer for a rock band called Blackstorm, and they have done several gigs around Brighton, but tonight they are the 'unsigned band of the week' on the Radio one Rock Show. They are on the programme listing between Black Sabbath and Mastodon, two of the greatest rock bands ever, so he is thrilled. They will be played between one and two in the morning, that's between two and three for us, but we will stay up to listen for him. Jonathan's band
Ben enjoys the occasions when he plays and performs the songs he writes, but he is really interested in getting involved with composing music for films, adverts etc. For a while now he has been in contact with a company called Television Junction, who produce this kind of music, and tomorrow he has been invited to spend some time with them, shadowing their 'resident composer', and finding out more about how it is done. Hopefully this will eventually lead to some work for him. Ben's songs
So it is a good week for our boys and that makes it a good week for us as well. Now I'd better set the alarm in case I drop off, or drink a few cans of coke to keep me awake!
P.S. We had another fantastic sunset tonight. I didn't want to bore you with more photos on here but I have added some to the 'Sea and sky' folder on my gallery.

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