Saturday, December 6, 2008

An 'inbetween' day

Hi everyone. It's been one of those inbetween days; neither sunny nor wet nor anything else remarkable. It was overcast most of the day but quite warm, (19ยบ all day), but much too windy to sit outside. So I did a bit of ironing and a few other mundane things, and the day soon went. Then just as I was about to close the shutters and 'shut up shop' for the day, I glimpsed this amazing sky, so of course I found my camera. We both went up on the roof where the view is less interrupted by buildings and there were three distinct areas of sky. To the front on the left there was a huge funnel of pink cloud that gradually turned dark grey. To the right there were stripes of gold and orange which darkened and melted into one another. But out at the back there was what looked like a pot of boiling oil, swirls of a sulphurous yellow churning around. This changed to pink and then orange, and within half an hour it was a firey red and then it was gone. You have to be quick or you miss these lovely scenes, and I was just lucky enough to see it today, so I'm sharing it with you. Of course I took more photos than this, and tomorrow I will put some of them in my 'sea and sky' folder in my gallery. Unfortunately, non of them really do it justice, but it's the best I can do. Our neighbour was up on his roof photographing it too. I wonder what his are like?

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