Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Ruins

Further to my previous blog regarding the ruins along the coast near here, I thought you might be interested to know that they are the remnant of buildings from the time of an iron and silver mining boom, in the 19th century. A gentleman, whose computer alerts him to any reference to Villaricos, came upon my blog and sent me the following link with information about the area. You might like to read about it too.
Click here for link

On a very different topic, I am feeling quite pleased with myself because after several days of struggling, (with a little help from a long-suffering Chris) I have finally mastered a fairly complex photo editing program that I purchased several years ago and have never got to grips with, sufficiently to use it to produce an image for an art stamp to use in my craft. I can't post a photo of it here as it makes use of a photo of one of my grandsons, but you may get a card with it on one day. Basically it involved producing a collage-type background, cutting a person from a photo and superimposing them on the background. I am quite pleased with the result. The stamp I have made with it isn't quite right yet but the fault lies with my printer that will not produce a black enough image on acetate, but the makers of my stamp-making kit are sending me an alternative paper to try. If that doesn't work I shall have to wait until I get my laser printer back out of storage next year. Now all I have to do is remember how I did it, so that one day I can have another go!

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