Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lonesome boatman

I really must stop using song titles to label my blog entries. This is one of my favourites by Foster and Allen. Still, there's propbably not many of you who listen to quite the same electic mix of music as me, so maybe you wouldn't have known if I hadn't told you! Anyway, I woke up in time to watch the sunrise this morning, though it didn't really quite manage it! But the sky was a lovely pink, a real rival to some of our sunsets. I didn't want to bother you with yet more sky photos, but I had to include this one.; I was quite pleased with it. The sun was already up in the sky but obscured by clouds, when at around 8.15 it managed to break through a gap and made a lovely line of reflected light in the sea. And caught in the beam, was a 'lonesome boatman', no doubt hoping to catch a fish for his breakfast. You'll probably need to click on my picture to enlarge it, to even see him. How vast the sea must have seemed to him, out there in his tiny boat. I'm glad I was the one on terra firma!

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