Saturday, December 20, 2008

The road to the San Javier

Today was the day for Jonathan to arrive here to spend Christmas with us. Gatwick is his closest airport and from there the flights come to Murcia so this morning we set off to collect him. This is a new route and we have not travelled it before. We thought we might not make it in time for his arrival as the first road we followed (as suggested by the sat nav) turned out to be completely closed for road works, with no directions for an alternative route. So we went round in circles for a while until we found ourselves back where we started, and were able to branch off in a new direction which soon brought us to the motorway. This is a new toll road running from Aguilas, all the way to the airport. It opened last year and has made it a very easy journey which should take just over an hour; well worth the €8.50 toll, as the old road took much longer. As with all new places that we visit, I went armed with the camera and took a 'few' photos along the way. The scenery was very lovely; layer after layer of green hills, with fields of salad vegetables and orange groves at the base of them. Unlike the Welsh who build their roads around every hill, the Spanish go through them, so there were several stretches of wide, well lit tunnels. Looking at this picture you can be forgiven for thinking 'New road. Where's the traffic?' The answer is, 'There wasn't any' or hardly any. Until we reached the outskirts of San Javier, where the airport is, we hardly saw another vehicle. Eventually we arrived, just five minutes before Jonathan appeared through the arrivals gate. It was a beautiful day for him to see our little flat. We had a late lunch up on the roof and then walked along our beach and back, before catching the last of the 'rays' on a lounger up on the roof again. Lets hope the weather holds for a while, so we can show him the best side of our chosen corner of Spain.

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